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Article: Spotlight: The Bud Bag.

Spotlight: The Bud Bag.

Spotlight: The Bud Bag.


This is part of a new series that shines a spotlight on popular M.Hulot styles, looking at their origins, materials, how they age and their functionality, amongst other things. The aim is to collect images of the bags through time, whether professional shots or instagram snaps, and to paint a complete picture of each design, answering any questions that you may have,  and illustrating how each piece best serves you.


First up is the Bud Bag.


Images from top:  Natasha Cousins by Anna Kreeger. Shoot by Caroline Leemings.

Launched in Autumn 2017, the Bud was a departure for M.Hulot, moving away from the stiffer,  saddle leathers I’d originally fallen for when I began working with leather goods and consequently leaving behind traditional, structured boxy satchel shapes.

Images clockwise: Brianna of A constant Closet. Anna Kreeger. Eugene Park. Natasha Cousins and Karin Andreasson by Jon Aaron Green.

The curved shape of the Bud was conceived to be a pleasing crescent, working with the leather so that some edges were turned and pleated and then others chopped and carefully painted. The shape really shows off the craftsmanship of our makers and some lovely attention to detail.

From Top: Ana Kana by Jon Aaron Green. Yo Gomi's home by Jon Aaron Green.

For this style we selected a lightweight ‘oiled’ leather. The skins are veg tan leathers as usual, naturally tanned and dyed, but they have oil pressed into the surface meaning the skin becomes smoother in appearance. The oil goes deep into the skin, pulling up and moving around as the bag is used, creating incredible character and variation. The leather gets darker with use, shining up when it rubs against your body as well as reacting with the oils in your hands. I love this wonderful surface!

Clokwise from top: Anna Kreeger. Zarina Shukri. Rachel Caunt.

The pouch like shape means the bag moulds easily to the body, whether that’s on the hip, higher across the body or as a belt bag. As the bag is used the leather becomes softer and works well at capacity or slouching and folding when half full. One of the unique features of this bag is the pliable, doubled up ‘string like’ straps which can be knotted according to how long or short you would like them- they are extremely adjustable and work very well for all body sizes, large or small.

M.Hulot Shoots ft Zarina Shukri and Alex Davies, by Jon Aaron Green.

This is one of my most used styles personally. It has a outer zip and central strap for security, but is easy to open, as well as having an interior zip pocket and navy cotton lining. You can fit a large purse, keys, phone, a little makeup and a few other small pieces.

Shoot image by Maciek Platek. Product shots by Jon Aaron Green.

This is a beautiful and easy piece, which has been sold through fairs The Design Junction and Monocle, and featured in The Guardian and You Magazine. Lovely to wear, The Bud Bag quietly makes an impact. It is currently available in an earthy Whiskey, Black with Navy trim and if you’re lucky you may catch the Red in the sale!



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