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Article: Show Us How you wear M.Hulot!

Show Us How you wear M.Hulot!

Show Us How you wear M.Hulot!

There is nothing I love more than seeing our designs come to life. Send us your M.Hulot pictures to be in with the chance of receiving between 15-20% off your next M.Hulot piece. Scroll down to see some wonderful wearer and in-situ images inspiration and details of how to become part of our community and get a helping hand with your next buy.

Wearing the Diplo Satchel in Nude.
Wearing the Hulot Pouch Bag in Yellow.
A collection of Isla Mcmillan's M.Hulot Bags. 
Lesley Buchan's Gilbo Bag.
Rachel Vineyard with the Tan Loe Bag.


 Send your picture one of three ways:

1. Tag your image using #MyMHulot on Instagram.

2. Link to @mhulotaccessories on Instagram.

3. Email with the title My MHulot.

When you send your image over you consent to it being used either on our Instagram stories or on our instagram grid, and potentially in our newsletter.

On receiving your image, you can expect to hear back from us within a day maximum, but most probably sooner, and we will let you know which discount we will be sending your way.

We will send you a one off code - 15% off if featured on our Instagram stories and 20% off if featured on our Instagram grid. You will not need to wait long for your code and will often send these prior to the feature.

There is no cap on the amount of codes that we give out and this is a rolling campaign. I can't wait to see how you wear M.Hulot!



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