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the process


made in england

All M.Hulot leather pieces are Made in England, from carefully selected skins of leather, then individually put together by craftspeople and finished by hand.

We work with an entrepreneurial maker, based in Margate, specifically set up to work with independent and emerging designers. Like us, she loves the small scale and interesting and is always up for a challenge; our more complex styles such as our best selling Loe Bags and Wood Drawstrings are made here. 

Many of our smaller leather goods and belts are made by a team at a Leicestershire factory, wholeheartedly passionate about UK manufacturing and craftsmanship, with years of experience working with some of Britain’s best brands.
We work very closely with each maker, merging the sampling and design process into one, bouncing ideas and techniques between designer and maker, to give you unique and beautifully finished designs.

Our Leather

Our leathers are specifically chosen for their pigment free, characterful and ‘naked’ appearance, changing with use to become darker, shinier and softer, acquiring their own unique patina.

This natural beauty is mirrored in the tanning process making a non-toxic material that is biodegradable.

Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our collection is largely made from premium vegetable tanned bovine leather processed in the region of Tuscany, known for its centuries old rich tanning history. Today this process has been modernised merging this artisan process with new technologies.

‘Vegetable tanned’ describes the way in which the animal hide is made into the finished and usable material. During this particular process the skin is transformed using natural tannins from tree bark and plants. It is then finished using non-toxic dyes and natural waxes.

African Goat Leather

In 2023 we began working with a UK heritage tannery with over 80 years expertise. Based close by in the Bedfordshire countryside they specialise in Vegetable Tanned African Goat which they finish over in here England.

The hides are originally tanned in clay pots using Begaruwa seeds from Acacia Nilotica trees and are then twisted to give their distinct and pronounced grain.

They are finished with a non- toxic aniline dye as well as natural waxes, which allow the beauty of the grain to show through. Some skins are finished with a fine metallic foil where the character of the leather is still present.