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Article: M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends.

M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends.

M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends.

'Up next in our M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends Series are Kate Catchesides and Yo Gomi. The three of us met at a pregnancy yoga class in Crouch End over 3 years ago now. As well as having our babies at the same time, our ‘whatsapp’ has often been dominated by the arts (with a heavy dose of mid-century and antique furniture chatter), and now M.Hulot has crept in! I asked Kate and Yo a little about this friendship, style and their connection to M.Hulot.'

M.Hulot Founder, Anna Kreeger.


What drew you to M.Hulot bags and the Arau and Prussia Satchels specifically?

I fell in love with the chunky detailing of the Arau Satchel, in particular how the strap wraps around the entire bag and also the gorgeous, chunky studs. It feels sturdy but there’s a softness that develops with continued use that I really like. The attention to detail shows that Anna has thought very carefully about the practicalities of daily use - the little slip pocket is so handy for easy access to my bank card when I'm in a hurry hopping on the bus with the buggy or buying groceries. The Prussia Satchel is the bag that I enjoy using at work as its roomy enough for my diary and notebooks, and has the beautiful fastening detail. 

Tell us about spreading the word through our mum and baby friendship group, and further afield.

Many friends have admired my Arau satchel and Yo in particular, so I was thrilled when she added to the M.Hulot collection amongst our group of friends! My sister-in-law Helen also brought a Stein belt based upon seeing my bags, and she is now another M.Hulot fan.

In the past year you’ve had baby number two and have also gone back to work. What would like to see M.Hulot do next that could improve your life as a working Mum of two?

I’m very excited by the imminent arrival of the new Whiskey Soames tote bags as I’m looking for a softer, roomier bag to help carry the ever-expanding amount of things required by two small people. And navy and yellow are my favourite colours, so I will inevitably have a weakness for anything Anna designs in this colourway, too!


You own our Khaki Bud Bag. This softer shape is a bit of a departure for M.Hulot, what made you select this style?

To be honest I didn't know it was an 'unconventional' M.Hulot. It just talked to me and said ‘take me home!’ I Love the smooth feel of the leather, and it's the perfect size for a day or night out.

Both you and Kate have a very natural and laid back style. What influences your style each morning and which would be your next M.Hulot choice to complement this?

I have two small children and my older boy loves the playground so I wear something comfortable and practical. M.Hulot bag makes me stylish instantly! I would like a larger size next time, perhaps a Soames Tote, already on my Santa list : )

A little while back M.Hulot called on you to translate and help at a meeting with some of our Japanese clients. Is there anything that surprised you about M.Hulot, seeing it in a professional capacity?

That one person can do all this!?! Anna is a mother, designer and international sales manager. Wow! I can see how its style and quality would appeal to the Japanese (or any) market.

Photography by Jon Aaron Green Shot at Yo's wonderful flat.

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