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Article: M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends.

M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends.

M.Hulot | Tell Your Friends.

‘As M.Hulot moves into it’s seventh year of trading, I am constantly moving between what we have done and what we hope to do, to build on our small but thriving business. Over this past year specifically, so many of you have returned after your first purchase, building a collection of M.Hulot styles serving different aspects of your life. I have also had letters detailing mothers, sisters and friends coveting your bags and consequently being bought or making that desired purchase themselves. In this modern age, it thrills me to hear of these very human exchanges and the way in which M.Hulot is shared between friends. 

 With this in mind I set out to document friends who wear M.Hulot. The first in this Series features Pippa Wadsworth, my sister and her good pal, Rachel Caunt. Their friendship was built when they were both studying Styling at London College of Fashion. Since then there have been career changes, growing families and house moves. Both Pip and Rachel are a big part of our story, here they tell us more about their relationship with M.Hulot.’ 

Anna Kreeger M.Hulot Founder


What is your relationship with M.Hulot?

As Anna’s sister, I have enjoyed being able to see the whole design process, from the very first inspiration, through to her comparing and me 'smelling' leather samples, ending with the finished piece.

Which is your favourite M.Hulot piece you own and how does it impact on the life you lead now?

The Grover Tote has barely left my side in the last 5 years, as it is so resilient and also gains a nice patina and character with continued use. Before I had my daughter, I used to work for Dementia UK  in an office based position, and among other things this bag was brilliant at holding all the post that I would pick up from reception down stairs-we had a huge amount! My daughter is five months now so from post to nappies, everything has gone in here.

Why did you tell Rachel about M.Hulot?

As far back as 2004, when Rachel and I started a Fashion Styling and Photography Foundation degree at London College of Fashion, it seemed to be about who could wear the brightest, brashest outfit. I always admired Rachel's pared down and elegant look. She struck me as serene among all the craziness of the Fashion world. A decade on we found ourselves living just round the corner from one another and so it wasn't long before she eyed up my M.Hulot and I introduced her to the brand. 


What struck a chord with you when Pippa first introduced you to M.Hulot?

On first viewing the products, I discovered that they very much appealed to my personal taste and worked well with my lifestyle. I have always appreciated timeless, thoughtfully designed products that are simple, stylish and functional. 

Tell us about your career change and how you became involved with M.Hulot alongside Paper Covers Rock…

I spend the majority of my time designing products for my own small business, Paper Covers Rock, a brand of prints and greeting cards developed from handmade paper collages. Alongside this, I enjoy assisting friends and fellow designers with events, such as markets and fairs, acting as a representative for their brands. I regularly do this for M.Hulot - it's easy to sell and promote products I love! 

Which M.Hulot piece would you like to own?

Oh, it's hard to choose! Every time a new collection is launched, I have a new favourite! It would be between the beautifully classic Black Arau Satchel and the super squashy Black with Navy Soames Tote

Photography by Jon Aaron Green Shot at Rachel's beautiful home.

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How it works:

Friend 1: 

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* You must refer a friend to sign up to the mailing list, then email with the title ‘Tell your Friends’. The email must be sent from the email address registered. In the body of the email simply write the name and email address that Friend 2 has registered with.

* Once this is done, we will send you your 25% off code. You can use this whether or not your friend buys, but your friend must be signed up to the list in order to get your discount code.

    Friend 2:  

    * Sign up to our mailing list.

    * Once your friend has emailed us, you will receive your discount code.

      Discount information

      * The offer is running already and will continue for the duration of the year until the 30th of September 2018, when the discount codes will expire.

      * The codes can only be used on full price goods and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, aside from free shipping.

      * One person registering with two separate email addresses will not be accepted.

      * This is a long running offer to allow customers to make the most of choosing the best style for them, with new styles hitting the website this first half the year.
      The offer is one use per customer.

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