#MyMHulot; Share your M.Hulot Style Pics.

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Brianna of The Constant Closet wears the Bud Bag.

Running your own small, independent label can mean days alone working on all aspects of design and business. These solitary moments are needed, it takes time and consideration to get designs and business right, but other days I love nothing more than connecting with you, the people that buy and wear M.Hulot. Some of you will have seen that recently I have been inviting you to share your M.Hulot pics. I often snap my bags as I go about my day to day life, but how do M.Hulot bags and accessories fit into yours? Tag us in your photos on instagram using #MyMhulot and you could be featured on our feed or on our stories. We will select one person per month to receive a small token of our appreciation.

We know you're a creative bunch so feel to photograph in which ever way you choose. For those seeking inspiration, see images we have loved below.

On the Body

One of our favourite ways to see our designs, on the body, mixed into your own unique style! Straight up or in motion, both work well.

Fiona of Ellie and Lion with our Gia Bag.


Isla Macmillan wearing our Purl Hat.



From Above

It's so easy to shoot your bag when you're out and about strolling or on your way to work.

Out and about with my Bud Bag.

On the train with the Gilbo Bag.

Fitting into Family Life

How do you M.Hulot designs work for you? We love seeing Mothers, Daughters and even Fathers!

Lizzie and Margaret Evans with the Gia, the Paxton and the Russo Mini.

Bart Cariss with the Bud Bag.


Outfit Planning

How does M.Hulot fit into your wardrobe?

Mary McQueen's image of her Russo Mini.


Karin Andreasson's image of her Gia Bag.

Above are just a handful of images that we love. Our designs are made to be worn, lets see how they come to life! #MyMHulot.

Thank you to everyone who has already shared,