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Article: M.Hulot Style Share: Ana Kerin of Kana.

M.Hulot Style Share: Ana Kerin of Kana.

M.Hulot Style Share: Ana Kerin of Kana.

Style Share is a continuation of our Tell Your Friends series but with this time with a focus on creative individuals and their collection of M.Hulot pieces.

I instantly fell in love with Kana’s soulful, handmade ceramics the minute I laid eyes on them when we took part in a Pop-Up together back in 2016. Since then, Kana, founded by creative force Ana Kerin, has grown to incorporate clay classes at her studio, week long retreats in the South of France, partnerships with venues and restaurants alongside her large range of ceramics, each one different from the last. Business successes aside, Ana’s real passion is the process, apparent in her out of office which opens with the line ‘My hands are deep in clay, glaze or in paint right now.’

We shot Ana at her studio on Gransden Avenue, Hackney. 

Anna ( M.Hulot Founder)

Photography by Jon Aaron Green.

Having studied Fine Art, you mentioned you knew from the start that Kana had to be an art form that would sustain you financially as well as creatively? I really like this honesty and found it refreshing to hear. Can you describe your background and how you came to decide on this?

My fine art practice as sculptor and painter as well as my functional ceramics, started under my real name, Ana Kerin, and has always been my true source of inspiration.

It started playfully, as my work developed from my studio practice. Combining the techniques and the texture, surface and materials I used in sculpture, I made more functional objects. I also applied the experimental treatment of the surface to include the surface from my etchings or paintings, which I would have done in my sculptural work. They were at the start almost like a test.. how to merge it all together… the work slowly evolved from these playful experiments, when I started gaining interest in selling the ceramics people saw in my artist studio.

When I moved to London, after a while, I decided to separate the functional work into the Kana brand.  It started when I wanted to find a way to be able to afford an artist's studio and develop a more affordable work practice along side the fine art work. I love how functional objects are also something that can elevate your everyday life experience and your every day rituals and I love being part of slow living revolution. Less is more, buying things you want to hold on for life. I needed to be realistic to myself and found a way to fund my first studio space in London, and creating pieces that encourage dialogue with your customers is a great way.

You seem to have so many aspects to your business and creative practice, and I know recently you have begun making sculpture alongside your vessels. Tell us a little about this new addition and how it fits in what you do already.

It's just coming home… Kana is at a healthy and stable stage now.  It's like toddler who goes to school and now I have more time to myself and to work on what I also love and feeds Kana in every possible way.

You collaborate a lot, and I see you often team up with friends whether it’s for photography or pop up shops. Are there any exciting joint projects in the pipeline or any that hold a special place in your heart?

I love collaboration, it's definitely one of the core back bones of my business. Kana as a brand is built as a platform that allows me the freedom of working with other artists and to connect with other brands, designers, architects and fashion designers, and allows me to venture into exploring new areas of design. It keeps me excited.

I am launching a capsule collection made in glass end of this year! Super excited!

On Instagram there are often subtle references to your clothing, naturally resting between the ceramics pics. Can you tell us how you get dressed for work and play, and if you have any important wardrobe staples?

think I am very playful with fashion. I love retro. I was born and grew up in Yugoslavia and there is nothing that beats a good Adidas track suit. I am very much an 80s and 90s kid too; Calvin Kleiand Jil Sander campaigns were what I aspired to a good pair of Levis jeans and a braless white or black vest :) But I can't hide my love for colour! I own a full on embroidered bomber jacket and a two piece set of Bug clothing, orange linen high waisted pants and a summer version of linen workmens jacket. They are both quite out there!

I love seeing how you wear your M.Hulot pieces and particularly the teaming of our Garrard Clutch with your transparent string bag by your friend, Magda. What is it that draws you to M.Hulot and how does it fit into your life?

I believe that we share the ethos of creating timeless pieces that are made to last and that you will hold onto forever; they are made with extreme attention to detail and to highest quality. I love the multi- purpose of them and playing with styling them in different ways!


A big Thank You to Ana for welcoming us into her incredible and very busy studio!

The bags featured in this edition of M.Hulot Style Share are a mix of Past season and Current Collection.

Past Season: Garrard Clutch (Single Wrap)

 Current Season: Bud Bag, Paxton Tote, Vesu Bag.





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