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M.Hulot's Top 5 Instagram Feeds.

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1. @c_l_o

Lauren Faye's account is an impeccable ensemble of moments in high fashion. Art directed with a focus on subtlety, sculptural shape and a considered, tonal palette CLO is place to go when you need some true artistry and soul in your life. 

2. @bruta_

Bruta make super cool unisex shirts embellished with appliqué, embroidery and a strong folk art influence. Their instagram charts inspirations including Matisse cut outs, Gauguin's Tahitian women, Rousseau's jungles and a rather strong precedence of green.

2. @blockshoptextiles

Block Shop is a textile label set up by two sisters from LA, Hopie and Lily Stockman. They specialise in traditional Indian block printing with a contemporary edge. Their instagram has a distinctly joyful, friendly feel and records life at their LA studio as well as production trips to India. Highlights are their videos of skilled block printers at work.


4. @zanzanman

This feed is out of this world and leaves no stone unturned. While it is the account of brilliant eyewear label Zanzan, its images are as varied as a cat stuck in roman blinds, through to pile of beautifully crafted combs. Though seemingly at odds, and peppered with their fantastic glasses, Zanzan pull it off with tremendous sophistication.

5. @lfmarkey

Not only does Louise Markey make fantastic clobber, but she's also a dab hand at the perfectly curated feed. Striking the right balance between her own brand photoshoots and outside influences, all are knitted together with bold colour, shape and a hefty dose of attitude.


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